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October Update

Hello! We have been quiet for a while and it's about time we change that, we have been working on a lot of things since finishing I, Banquo and we'd like to let you in on some of it.

You may have noticed that this section is completely different! We have completely remade the News section on the website so that it's easier to update and can provide a bit more information when needed. There's other sections that have been tweaked but this is by far the biggest change to the website.

We are preparing our final show of the 2019 season: The Comedy of Errors at the Attic Theatre. Over the course of this month we will be announcing our cast and revealing some changes to the production..!

Finally, we have been looking forward into our 2020 season! It will be, by far, our most ambitious season and we simply can't wait to reveal everything that is coming!!

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