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by Simão Vaz after Sophocles

Winner of the Audience Choice Award at the Stratford Fringie Awards 2019

Nominated for Fringe Event of the Year at the Stratford Fringie Awards 2019

Oedipus is dead. Thebes still bleeds from the civil war that saw Eteocles and his brother Polynices die at each others hands, fighting on opposite sides. Their uncle, Creon, is now burdened with the crown and the task of returning the nation to its former glory. But when his first decree causes more unrest than peace, some might question if Thebes will ever be great again.

28th September - 6th October 2018
The Attic Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon

Directed by: Elliott Wallis

Photography by: Andrew Maguire


Imogen Parker as ANTIGONE

Jennifer Johnson as ISMENE

Simão Vaz as CREON

Jessica McClellan as EURYDICE

Will Keetch as HAEMON

Julius Wills as TIRESIAS / GUARD

Saskia Mollard as CHORUS

Charlie Longman as CHORUS

Lydia Shorey as CHORUS

Sol Shuckburgh as CHORUS

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